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Global changes:

  • See Fighter Factory Studio for base features;
  • Updated Qt on all platforms (including Qt4 and Qt5 variants) and removed DirectX 11 dependency on Windows;
  • Updated Dark and Light styles to use HiDPI images;
  • Added two new iconsets (Flat-Dark and Flat-Light) and a new Colorset (Monokai by Jesuszilla);
  • Made changes to avoid multiple consecutive error dialogs while using the "Test in engine" function;
  • Fixed the program crashing after closing a tab (when multiple tabs are open);
  • Fixed the crash happening after Applying settings and closing Options window;
  • Fixed multiple random crashes happening while editing sprites and sounds;
  • Fixed a typo in the message displayed while trying to run two engine instances at same time;
  • Fixed a bug where after editing a sprite, navigating to another and choosing to discard the changes, the selection slider moves one more position;
  • Fixed the option 'Switch to the frame's sprite' resetting upon applying settings;
  • Fixed a crash when trying to cancel adding new sounds by closing the "Add" dialog;
  • Fixed icons not showing for Quick search functionality;
  • Fixed auto save progress notification not going away for text files;
  • Fixed file modification watcher not working after the file has been saved;
  • Fixed the file tab not updating correctly after saving the file;
  • Fixed a bug in the colors list in Options where using keyboard to change the selection doesn't update the color state;
  • Fixed a bug in quick search on non-text editors (jumping to the next element while opening or closing the search box);
  • Fixed a bug where replacing a sound/sprite from 'Import from another Project' doesn't count and the interface isn't updated;
  • Some toggle states are saved properly now (contact boxes, guides, ruler, axes);
  • Added support for opening files with any extension in Commands and States editors;
  • Added support for using the Numpad Enter key for quick search;
  • Added the ability to move the cursor position on Sound editor to start playing from that sample;
  • Implemented sample range selection on Sound editor;
  • Implemented some basic Sound editing functions (Remove selected, Fill silence, Fade in, Fade out, Cut, Copy and Paste);
  • Implemented some Audio editing tools (Move selected and resize samples);
  • Implemented the Pause function on Sound editor.

M.U.G.E.N. related changes:

  • Fixed a crash that may happen in rare conditions while editing sprites/sounds and auto save is running;
  • Fixed the crash happening sometimes when you type in an out of bounds var index;
  • Fixed a bug in the animation creation feature of the Throw Creator;
  • Fixed the crash that happens while switching from/to var list mode on States editor;
  • Fixed a crash while opening a project that contains both mugenversion tied to Win/DOS M.U.G.E.N and localcoord;
  • Fixed the Emulator crashing if some State has more than 128 trigger lines;
  • Fixed a bug preventing some old SFF v1 files from opening;
  • Added VictoryQuote to the SCtrls template list.

July 09 Fix:

  • Fixed launcher not finding the configuration file properly;
  • Fixed search in Animations editor for the Qt4 build;

This time the bug fix list is pretty long. We worked hard to fix all known issues (mainly crashes).

Audio editing capabilities:

The brand new feature of this version, instead of just viewing the audio waveform, we can edit it.

The editing capabilities are ratter small, but are likely to increase/improve over time (with the addition of effects).


  • Manually uninstall any previous version
  • Windows XP SP3 (32bits only), Vista SP2, 7 SP1 or greater
  • 1 GB of RAM memory (recommended 2 GB or more for multi-character feature and memory cache mode)
  • 125 MB of disk space
  • Microsoft DirectX 9 End-user runtime
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LGPL 2.1
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