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[Solved] A problem on searching animation

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I recently updated FFS to the latest version (, I found that the I can only serach animation of my characters with the code editor opened, which I can do that without open the editor in old version (3.6.3), I think it would be convenient to search the animation directly.

Fixed internally
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VirtuallTek 24 de August de 2023 14:51

@seilai What are you searching for?

Note that while in graphic mode it doesn't do partial matches (only exact matches). For example, if you search for 5, it will look for an animation with number 5, not 50, 15, ... If searching by name, it will only work if you type in the full exact animation name. I'm considering enabling partial matches but I'm not sure if that's good because it may turn searching for an specific animation by its number harder to do.

Another solution is to add a new option like "whole words only", to control this behavior (probably going to do this for the next version).

seilai Topic starter 25 de August de 2023 11:06

I search the animation with its number, if I turn off the code editor, it goes only to the next number of animation (for example, I seach the number "1000", and start at number "1", it goes to animation number "2" instead of directly to number "1000". If I seach the number with the code editor opened, it will goes to number "1000" directly)

VirtuallTek 23 de September de 2023 16:56

@seilai What version you're using (from the About window).
I cannot reproduce this in the latest build. This was a known issue long ago that was fixed.

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I'm marking this as Solved as I can't reproduce the issue in the latest build (3.8 beta).