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Stage Editor Bugs

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1. When adding a new background element in the stage editor occasionally an existing one will be partially overwritten. Leaving two halves of a working element.  It happens often enough I've gotten in the habit of doing it by hand.

2. Drag 'n drop and up/down in the organizer also causes corruption.

3. Manually editing an existing type = causes instant crash. Creating a new one and deleting the entire line or element does not.

Example :

type = normal <‐‐‐Backspacing any type causes instant crash.

4. Adjusting scalestart prints sprpriority.  It shows properly when played in the editor but obviously not when tested in engine. If scalestart is pre-existing the values are added appropriately. 

Using v3.7.4.4 x64 QT5 Portable

VirtuallTek 8 de February de 2024 16:04

@titn-urnus Can't reproduce 1 and 2 on the latest version, but the others are fixed in 3.7.5. Thanks!