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[Solved] States Tree List won't show

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I'm trying to edit a States file for char1 while referencing the States' file from a char2, but when I click in the editing area for states, the tree list of states disappears for both characters.

The tree list is really helpful for organization and navigation. Is there a way to get it to display when you have two character files open in Fighter Factory Studio?

I tried searching online and in the Q&A section, but I only saw tree list mentioned in patch notes.

My version of Fighter Factory Studio patch 1 (Qt 5.15.7)

Thank you!

Fixed internally
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1 Answer

This is a known issue from a long time. You can fix this by disabling the setting "Reduce interface flickering", in Options window.

The default value will be set to disabled in future versions.

ayumitsuu Topic starter 28 de September de 2023 00:11

@virtualltek It worked! Thank you very much!

I'm afraid I couldn't find the solution even though it's a known problem. Maybe I was searching the wrong key terms. Thank you for taking the time to help.