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[Solved] Issue Loading Fighter Factory

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Hi, I'm trying to do some stuff in Fighter Factory, and downloaded it to my computer. It's my first time downloading the program on this computer. Despite this, every time I try to open the program, the below error message pops up instead. I have no idea how to fix this, and would like help fixing it.


Thanks in advance!

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VirtuallTek 11 de July de 2023 21:41

@nullandvoid I'm working on a fix for this. A workaround is to copy the 3 .xml files (config, history and shortcuts) from "C:\ProgramData\Fighter Factory Studio" to "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Fighter Factory Studio".

NullAndVoid Topic starter 11 de July de 2023 21:55

Those files do not exist on my computer, not in the existing places or anywhere on my computer.

VirtuallTek 11 de July de 2023 22:00

@nullandvoid If you're using the Portable build, these files are inside the "common" folder instead.

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This Bug has been confirmed on all platforms for new users (never used a previous version before).

This has been fixed in version