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Fighter Factory Ultimate is a compact application designed to help you create a character for the M.U.G.E.N games. It includes a wide variety of tools that enable you to start from a blank template and customize all the character parameters.
The application features a tabbed interface that allows you to work with multiple characters at the same time and compare the parameters of each project. The tools are grouped into menus which makes them easy to access when editing a character profile.
Most of the program’s features deal with the aspect of the character and enable you to add sprites, define color palettes and create animations. You can also import the images from other characters in order to simplify the development tasks.

Features / Changes:


  • Improved interface;
  • Superior performance;
  • Less memory consumption;
  • Up to 12 characters in the same window;
  • Shortcut keys for most functions;
  • Esc key to close the window;
  • Customizable (enable/disable some features like confirmation dialogs)
  • Possibility to hide the editor's panel to increase working space;
  • Own file format for chars (everything is saved in a single conpressed file - 50% average size reduction);
  • Zoom up to 8X.


  • Ability to comment a line unchecking a checkbox (for snd, st, intro, ending, states e palettes).


  • Customizable background image;
  • Image movement based on Zoom level;
  • Navigation buttons for Next/Previous group;
  • The option "Previous image palette" doesn't modify image data;
  • Optimize function for DOS and Win M.U.G.E.N;
  • Optimize and crop all images 1000X faster than the previous version;
  • Buttons for axis alignment in the Add sprites dialog;
  • Ruler in one side only to save space.


  • Palette editor moved to the main window;
  • Increased workspace area;
  • All functions can be used in the char palette or in the image one, chosen by the user;
  • Ability to choose if the image's palette will be just replaced or adapt the image to the new palette;
  • Improved mask function;
  • Color selection by clicking in the sprite's image, no additional button press needed;
  • Improved Hue and RGB effects, with options to apply and discard changes;
  • RGB effect works by value and not by a slider control;
  • Change color by double-clicking the slot;
  • Color interval in gradient;
  • Duplicate color removal;
  • Generate an optimized palette for the image;
  • Insert palette in the images with built-in PCX Clean option;
  • Generate an optimized palette from multiple images;
  • Image movement based on Zoom level.


  • Displays transparencies in real-time in the editor itself;
  • New alignment system, the same as SFF;
  • Image movement based on Zoom level.


  • Allows setting group and sound when adding new entries;
  • BitRate conversion and channel count changes done by the program itself;
  • Improved ReSample system using the LibSampleRate library;
  • Displays WAV information correctly;
  • Added a function to find sounds.


  • Displays the States list with name and number;
  • State navigation by double-clicking an item in the list;
  • New syntax highlighter;
  • New editing system (standard code/text editor capabilities).


  • Autocomplete system supporting functions with arguments (show possible options);
  • Autocomplete system with SCtrl insertion by shortcut key.


  • Windows 98 or higher
  • 256 MB of RAM memory (recommended 512 MB or more for multi-character feature and memory cache mode)
  • 10 MB of disk space
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (x86)
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