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This time, I'm releasing a bug fix only update, this is why it's still public. This new version fixes every single known issue, including the ones from the first version like sound problems on Unix and zoom on code editors.

Another good change is the auto-updater. Now, its bugs where fixed and the update process improved, so new patches will be easy to deploy and download/install.

The native painting engine was improved too, so people without good OpenGL support can enable it and Studio will work on older hardware like Fighter Factory 3.

As suggested, clicking one more time on a selected CLSN will try to select the one underneath, if exists, and the program remember what you're doing while switching tabs.


  • See Fighter Factory Studio 3.5.2 for base features;
  • Added support to OpenGL ES.
  • Some palette functions won't work.
  • Advanced search freezes on empty string.
  • Added support to native paint engine.
  • Crash when removing the line of the code selected in the left panel's list.
  • Cursor going to the end of the line while editing animation name.
  • Added support to external files by relative path on save as and run in engine functions.
  • Implemented an auto update function.
  • Crash when commenting the line of the code selected in the left panel's list.
  • Optimized some stuff.
  • Tools -> Options -> Image -> Center of zoom: unable to set value "Center of workspace".
  • Crash trying to open a palette or image on Advanced palettes editor while no Project is open.
  • Clicking a selected contact box tries to select another one underneath.
  • Remember what you're doing on each project tabs while switching between them.
  • Crash after editing an sprite using multiple layers and going to another one.
  • Sound cuts off on Linux and macOS.
  • Fixed zoom on code editors.
  • Can't save a Colorset.
  • PalFX, Offset viewer and Throw creator crashes if no sprite and/or animation file is open.
  • Crash while choosing an animation in offset viewer or throw creator.
  • Improved system screen support.
  • CLSN default stops showing after first non-default.
  • Inability to add an mugen engine with a name other than "mugen.exe".
  • Fixed loop when duration of first or last frame is 1 tick.
  • "New Animation with all" in AIR editor has the add dialog pop up twice after switching back from text mode.


  • Linux (x64)
  • 1 GB of RAM memory (recommended 2 GB or more for multi-character feature and memory cache mode)
  • 45 MB of disk space
  • Wine
Release date
LGPL 2.1