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This version is the major step forward in Fighter Factory history.

Since the first version, the program was designed to edit characters, and specific tools for fonts and stages was planned (Font Factory is the only one that was born). The never released version 3.1 has BGs support, but implementing that was a challenge, as Fighter Factory 3 is, still, focused on chars, so Studio comes to the rescue. This version is designed to support a greater feature set, and it's modularity allows pretty much everything to be supported, that's my final goal.

The first step is done, backgrounds are widely used across the engine, so this editor will highly improve workflow speed and quality of life when working with this type of content. Fonts, System Pack and advanced editing/debugging features comes next.


  • See Fighter Factory Studio 3.5.7 for base features;
  • Image editor no longer asks to discard changes after saving and navigating to another sprite.
  • Added contiguous option to Magic Wand.
  • Increased maximum Zoom level.
  • An active search no longer moves cursor position while going to another editor.
  • Changed format for exporting config from options to include everything in a single file.
  • Welcome dialog don't show if the program finds an existing configuration.
  • Improved search & replace functions to use the advanced search functionality.
  • Added support to captures on regular expression replace mode (%1, %2, ...).
  • Fixed some crashes while applying settings.
  • Fixed selection mask not moving alongside pixels on image editor.
  • Fixed a bug that might cause sprites to be incorrectly linked.
  • Made changes on Sprite explorer (thumbnails) to be more generic, so now it's not exclusive to Animations editor.
  • Sprite explorer can be used on Image editor to insert sprites as individual layers.
  • Implemented a Play function for Image editor, so it hides all layers and then on, one at a time.
  • Implemented Save layers as individual sprites (the layer's name defines the sprite identifier).
  • Made a lot of changes on all presets and iconsets for the new features (including moving OnionSkin to Animations panel, which makes more sense).
  • Updated the Reference Documentation (scripting documentation is on the way).
  • Fixed some crashes while editing commands.
  • Fixed some crashes while trying to edit a FightFX Project.
  • Fixed Issues showing twice for virtual files like Animations on stages and BGs (stuff from .def).
  • Updated syntax highlight for stages, storyboard, system.def and fight.def.
  • Implemented complete BGs support (work for Stages, Motif and Storyboard).
  • Implemented Controllers panel to edit BG controllers.
  • Implemented Stage panel to edit Stage specific options (affecting BG preview).

Very special thanks to all Patrons for making this possible without taking forever. You rock!

Thanks to my friends Tyler Young and Douglas Baldan for the amazing support and extensive testing.

Thanks to the community for the feedback and support all over these years of work.


  • Linux (x64)
  • 1 GB of RAM memory (recommended 2 GB or more for multi-character feature and memory cache mode)
  • 45 MB of disk space
  • Wine
Release date
LGPL 2.1