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This build fixes various issues and has many quality of life improvements as listed bellow:


  • See Fighter Factory Studio 3.6.2 for base features;
  • Fixed search & replace for CMD and AIR text mode;
  • Fixed color settings not being properly updated while applying changes;
  • Made text editor background/foreground colors customizable;
  • Increased maximum zoom level for Image editor to 32.
  • Implemented some security measures to avoid data corruption of binary files if something goes wrong during save;
  • Implemented a tooltip for tabs to display the full path of the file/project.
  • Implemented Edit / Code / 'Auto-indent selection' and 'Auto-format selection' functions for code formatting;
  • Implemented Project / 'Welcome screen' to show the first screen with recent projects as a tab;
  • Added the complete file path to the history menu;
  • Added an option to edit the history (remove items) from the Welcome screen;
  • Added support for OGG/FLAC/MP3 (open/import) and OGG/FLAC (save/export);
  • Increased maximum pen size from 24 to 128 and remap slots from 12 to 32 in the Image editor;
  • Moved tool options in the image editor to a toolbar at the top of the canvas area (will move to the main toolbar later);
  • Fixed the bug that makes impossible to manually go to a frame with time = 0 in Animations editor;
  • Fixed current line in full text mode changing to the first frame when you go to the [Begin Action] line in Animations editor;
  • Fixed "Import from another Project" functions reporting twice the ammount of items imported;
  • Fixed "Import animations from another Project" function not properly renaming if you do so;
  • Fixed .def not being saved for testing in M.U.G.E.N. if used as cns, st, ...
  • Added options to choose the texture upload method (Options / Graphics). This may help avoiding issues with bad OpenGL drivers.

Regarding texture upload method, the options are:

  • Immediate: texture is uploaded to VRAM after the image has been decoded on loading (increases loading time, unless you're running on SDD). The safest mode, nothing can go wrong;
  • Delayed: decoded image is stored in system memory and only upload to VRAM the first time it's requested by the renderer (increases system memory usage but decreases VRAM usage, if you do not scroll over all sprites anyway). Has a good balance between loading time and safety;
  • Multi-threaded: the mode used in previous versions and default. Textures are uploaded in many background threads (much faster but may cause trouble, like freeze and messed up textures on some systems). The fastest for modern hardware;

Another interesting info about the ordering which items gets added into the program from open dialogs (a lot of people are talking about this problem).

There's many ways you can control the order of files from an open dialog in Options window:

  1. Force the list of files to be sorted alphabetically by checking "Sort file names from the open dialog", or disable it if this behavior is undesired.
  2. Choose between Native and portable open dialogs (look for "Use system native open dialog"). The portable one, is the same on all platforms with consistent behavior.

The combination of these two options creates a lot of variety. The most consistent behavior is disabling the two, so the portable dialog will be used without file sorting. The order will be the same as you select the files (as most people seems to want). Sorting creates consistent behavior for native dialogs, as they vary from one platform to another, like the Windows one that always sort the files, no matter the order you selected (just look at the list as you select).

I hope this clarify things a bit more regarding this "issue".

Thanks to everyone supporting us and reporting issues.


  • Linux (x64)
  • 1 GB of RAM memory (recommended 2 GB or more for multi-character feature and memory cache mode)
  • 45 MB of disk space
  • Wine
Release date
LGPL 2.1