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  • See Fighter Factory Studio for base features;
  • Fixed the code snippet editor;
  • Fixed the location of the contact box resizers;
  • Fixed incorrect syntax highlighting for fonts in system.def and fight.def;
  • Fixed a bug where unusual usage of linked palettes plus out of order data on SFF v2 leads to incorrect palette setup;
  • Fixed a bug where you can lose edits of sprite/sound if you switch out to another file/editor;
  • Fixed the "Cannot load configuration file!" error for corrupted config files;
  • The Project tab name now updates while editing the Project's name;
  • Removed the Stage panel on BGs editor (it will go back in a better format in version 3.8);
  • Removed the setting "Reduce interface flickering" (this was causing issues making some areas of the interface going hidden and never showing up again);
  • Updated the Ultimate preset to avoid the bitmap information being cut;
  • Highly improved list of Encodings (grouped by aliases and named by language/region);
  • Improved undo/redo for sprites and sounds by merging consecutive operations into one whenever possible;
  • Improved filename sorting for open dialogs (fixes the 1, 10, 11, 2, 3 ordering issue);
  • Implemented an advanced and smart auto completion system;
  • Added initial support for MUGENext.

Advanced auto completer:

Helps completing:

  • Block names ([Block]);
  • Block parameter names (only for those missing in this block, parameter = );
  • Double quoted string on block parameters of this type (parameter = "string");
  • Command names (command = "name");
  • Block types (type = BlockType);
  • Keyword block parameters (parameter = keyword / version / file names);
  • Trigger, trigger arguments and trigger redirection;
  • Victory quote list (you can paste multiple double quoted lines in [Quotes] and victoryN = gets added automatically).


  • macOS Sierra 10.12 or greater
  • 1 GB of RAM memory (recommended 2 GB or more for multi-character feature and memory cache mode)
  • 50 MB of disk space
  • Wine Stable
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LGPL 2.1